We have one June 2015, virgin bull  and 1 May 2016 virgin bull available.  Please see information and pictures below.   Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions regarding these animals.

We may have a 2017 bull calf for sale later this summer.  Genetic testing in process.

Plum Creek Little Cattle Company is a member of both the American Dexter Cattle Association and the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association.   We provide the transfer of registration of our animals to the new owners organization of choice.

#73 & 82 (2) 6-23-17


2015 Bulls

  Plum Creek’s Patrick                             DOB 6/26/2015

ADCA#038053    Sire: Plum Creek’s Desire-a #034813     Dam:Plum Creek’s Angel #030463Patrick (2) 3-20-17

Patrick is a heterozygous polled bull who is a true dun in color. He is both sire and dam qualified and  A1/A2 for beta casein.  He is an obligate, non-carrier of chondro or PHA.  Patrick was 41inches at the shoulder at one year of age.  He is calm, friendly, and ready for a new home and girlfriends.


#73 Patrick (4) 6-23-17

#73 Patrick (3) 6-1-17

#73 Patrick (2) 6-22-17

 2016 Bull:

Our 2016 bull is an obligate that is PHA free, Chondro free and ready for new home.

                 Plum Creek’s Dealer                                      DOB 5/26/2016

ADCA #039916      Sire: Mentjes’ Prophet-a #035329          Dam: Seever’s Etta #030459#82 Dealer (1) 6-23-17


Dealer is a dun and heterozygous polled bull. He is A2/A2 for beta casein and will add both length and depth to your herd.

#82 Dealer (5) 6-23-17


#82 Dealer (2) 6-23-17