Sires: Past, Present, & Future

Shome River 58                                                    DOB 4-14-2004   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

PDCA # 200327

River was our first sire. A dun, polled bull, he had both great confirmation and a gentle, calm disposition.  He gave these great traits to his offspring, 79% of which were girls.

Additional sires have been:

Mack of Myers Farm                                       DOB 2-28-2005    Mack (1) 8-09

PDCA # 202463

A dark dun, horned bull.  Purchased at 5 months, he was the first calf we raised.




NVF Titan                                                                      DOB 10-5-2008      Titan 2010 po

PDCA # 022077A        ADCA # 22077

A polled, dun colored bull.  He was a non-carrier of chondrodysplasia and a non-carrier of PHA, with excellent feet.



Plum Creek’s Bo                                               DOB 9-24-2010       

PDCA # 206479               ADCA # 030519Bo (6)

A dun, polled bull we raised.  A smaller framed Dexter  that was a non-carrier of chondrodysplasia or PHA.  Bo had his father’s exceptionally calm disposition.


Plum Creek’s Sarg                                     DOB 6-1-2011

PDCA # 206968     ADCA  # 030523 20 Sarg -4

A dun, polled bull used in 2013 and 2014.   Raised on our farm, his calves had his good feet and confirmation, his size and dark dun color.



Plum Creek’s Desire-a                               DOB  6-19-2013

ADCA # 034813Desire-a

A dun, polled, bull that was 40 inches at the hip at one year of age and tested A2/A2 for Beta-casein.



Current sire is:

Mentjes Prophet-a                                        DOB 3-8-2014

ADCA # 35329      Our Prophet-a bull is a dun, heterozygous polled bull that carries red.  He was 43″ at the hip at 17 mos. old.  Prophet-a bull’s first calves began arriving in May 2016.   Pictures of them are available on the “new arrivals” and “calves for sale” pages.

Prophet-a c8-22-16Prophet-a c 8-30-15