Calves & Yearlings

Plum Creek’s calves are all chondro and PHA free.  All calves are both sire and dam qualified.  Heifers and bulls are currently registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association.  Steers are not registered.

Calves 2016–Boys-          Steers only available

If you are looking for meat in 2018, we have a few summer ’16 steers  for sale.  They were born between mid May and mid July.   A 2 year old steer may have a live weight of 750-850 pounds.  When harvested, the hanging weight is typically 55%-57% of the live weight.  (The hanging,  also called carcas, weight is the weight butchers use.)   What actually goes into your freezer will depend on how you have your animal cut and processed.  With typical cuts, the freezer will usually get about 42% of the live animal weight.

Dexter beef is right sized for a family and delicious! (Pictures at 11 months.)

Steer 83 Darcey July 1

Steer 86 Dillon (1) July 1


Calves 2017   

 Girls — 2017        We have one heifer available.

PLUM CREEK’S EDIE ANN                                                                    DOB 7/3/2017  #102 Edie Ann c (2) 9-6-17    

ADCA Registration #042164

Edie Ann is a dun, dehorned heifer.  She is NN for beta casein, up to date on vaccinations, and ready for a new home.

Dam: Plum Creek’s Anna ADCA #030467

Sire: Mentjes’ Prophet-a  ADCA #035329

Edie Ann is 2 months in this picture

Boys–2017  We have 2 bull calves and a few steer calves for sale.

PLUM CREEK’S ELY                                                                                       DOB 6/6/2017#96 Ely (2) 9-23-17

ADCA Registration #042158

Ely is a dun bull calf. (ED/ED, b/b).  He is homozygous polled and A2A2 for beta casein.

Dam: Plum Creek’s Elizabeth  ADCA #030637

Sire: Mentjes’ Prophet-a ADCA #035329

Pictured at 3 months,

PLUM CREEK’S EARL                                                                                  DOB 6/10/2017

#94 Earl c (3) 9-23-17

ADCA Registration #042157

Earl is a dun bull calf, (ED/E+, b/b)  who carries red.  He is homozygous polled and A2A2 for beta casein.

Dam: Plum Creek’s Sadie  ADCA #030464

Sire: Mentjes’ Prophet-a  ADCA #035329

Pictured at 3 months.

We have a few 2017 steer calves available if you are looking for meat and would like to raise your own, or are interested in an alternative to all that lawn mowing.                                                                                                                 

#90 Emmit c (2) 9-6-17




Calf #90


#93 Ezra c (4) 9-22-17



Calf # 93





#95 Evan (3) 9-14-17


Calf #95




#101 Elvis (1) 9-6-17


Calf # 101