New Arrivals

Dexter cows are known for easy calving and make #49 Gem & #89excellent mothers.

The 2017 calves started arriving  the 23rd of May and are all expected by the end of June.

Pictures below are snapshots of these new babies.  Sometimes they are hiding, sometimes playing with friends, and sometimes hanging out with the adults. Always they appear to be a shiny, healthy, robust group of calves.

In July we’ll pull tale hairs and DNA test.  Then we will know how many are for sale.  Please stay tuned.

As all adults are PHA and Chondro free,  all calves will be also.  Likewise, for registration, all calves will be both sire and dam qualified.

Baby 6-2-17

Baby (3) 6-21-17








Looking 6-21-17#9 Etta's baby at 4 days




Hiding baby 6-21-17

Interested baby 6-21-17









Baby 6-1-17

#1 Beccas baby 6-21-17





Watching baby 6-21-17






#8 Patti & baby 6-20-17

#28 Sadie and baby 6-21-17














Herd resting (1) 6-21-17Patti and babies 6-21-17