Sires: Past, Present, & Future

Shome River 58                                                                 DOB 4-14-2004   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

PDCA # 200327

River was our first sire. A dun, polled bull, he had both great confirmation and a gentle, calm disposition.  He gave these great traits to his offspring, 79% of which were girls.

Additional sires have been:

Mack of Myers Farm                                                       DOB 2-28-2005    Mack (1) 8-09

PDCA # 202463

A dark dun, horned bull.  Purchased at 5 months, he was the first calf we raised.




NVF Titan                                                                      DOB 10-5-2008      Titan 2010 po

PDCA # 022077A        ADCA # 22077

A polled, dun colored bull.  He was a non-carrier of chondrodysplasia and a non-carrier of PHA, with excellent feet.



Plum Creek’s Bo                                               DOB 9-24-2010       

PDCA # 206479               ADCA # 030519Bo (6)

A dun, polled bull we raised.  A smaller framed Dexter  that was a non-carrier of chondrodysplasia or PHA.  Bo had his father’s exceptionally calm disposition.


Plum Creek’s Sarg                                              DOB 6-1-2011

PDCA # 206968     ADCA  # 030523 20 Sarg -4

A dun, polled bull used in 2013 and 2014.   Raised on our farm, his calves had his good feet and confirmation, his size and dark dun color.



Sire of calves 20016 & 2017:

Mentjes Prophet-a                                                  DOB 3-8-2014Prophet-a c8-22-16

ADCA # 35329

Prophet-a bull is a dun, heterozygous polled bull that carries red.

He was 43″ at the hip at 17 mos. old and PHA and chondro free.

Pictures of his calves are available on the “new arrivals” and “calves for sale” pages.


Future Sire:

SGF SSHA CASEY                                                             DOB 3/25/2016Casey (3) 8-26-17

ADCA #039120

Casey is a dun bull (ED/e, b/b) that carries red.

He is homozygous polled.  He’s  A1/A2 for beta casein, and both PHA and chondro free.

Casey started working in August of 2017.  He is calm, friendly, and goes quietly about his work.

These pictures are at 17 months. Casey c (1) 9-26-17

From what we’ve seen so far, we look forward to a great crop of calves from Casy in 2018.