Plum Creek Little Cattle Company is a member of both the American Dexter Cattle Association and the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association.   We provide the transfer of registration of our animals to the new owners organization of choice.

2017 Young Bull prospects:

Though only 2 months of age in these photos, the following calves show great promise.  They are chondro and PHA free obligates.  They are parent verified and both dam and sire qualified.

PLUM CEEEK’S ELY                                                        DOB 6/6/2017#96 Ely (1) 9-26-17

ADCA Registration # 042158

Ely is a true dun bull calf.  (ED/ED, b/b)   and he is homozygous polled, (so no horns).

He is A2A2 for beta casein and already shows his mother’s gentle disposition.

Dam: Plum Creek’s Elizabeth  ADCA #030637 Sire: Mentjes’ Prophet-a  ADCA #035329

#96 Ely (3) 9-6-17

#96 Ely (2) 9-23-17







Seen here at 2 months old with mother Elizabeth.

#96 Ely & 10 (2) 8-14-17


PLUM CREEK’S EARL                                                    DOB 6/10/2017#94 Earl c (5) 9-6-17

ADCA Registration #042157

Earl is a dun bull who carries red (ED/E+, b/b).  He is also homozygous polled, (no horns).

Earl is A2A2 for beta casein.  Like his cousin Ely, shows the family curiosity and gentleness.

Dam: Plum Creek’s Sadie  ADCA #030464  Sire: Mentjes’ Prophet-a  ADCA #035329

#94 Earl c (3) 9-23-17

#94 Earl c (5) 9-23-17







Pictured at 2 months of age with mother Sadie.

#28 Sadie & 94 (1) 8-14-17